Ella modeling one of the auction's head-bands

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cards, Baskets, Scrap-Book Pages, OH MY!!!

I mainly make cards and baskets as of now. Yet, I would love to make Scrap-book pages (with or without pictures)as well. I will be adding book marks, wooden picture frames, and wooden saying signs soon.


I use the scrap-book method of card making, which means, I use A LOT of stickers and embellishments to create a home-made look. I can hand letter or use stickers to create sayings for the inside and/or outside. I will do what YOU WANT ME TO DO! : ) You are in the driver's seat, so to speak! The ones above are samples of a few of the styles, and types I make. Everyone is made with love on durable card stock. I sell individual or in gift sets of 5, 10, and 20. Prices depend on size of the cards and amount of embellishments you want on it. The two above were part of a variety pack of 5 cards, which sold for $10.


Above are two of my baskets; both are currently for sale.

The one on the top is called Perfectly Perfect Pal Pack, which includes a Boyd's Bear Crayola Purple Plush, a 12 pack of Crayola Crayons, Purple Play-Dough, a pen that looks like a flower. This $15 tin of colorful fun would be a great gift for a little girl or a lady who is young at heart <3. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!>

The basket on the bottom is called Perfectly Pink Baby Shower Basket. This $30 Golden hued basket includes Tissue paper, White with purple polka-dotted receiving blanket, size 3 month Summer Romper, baby doll, travel pack of essential (Baby Bee Dusting Powder, Cetaphil, Travel Johnson's baby shampoo, Doctor Burt's Orange Creme Toothpaste, Cool baby toothbrush), Binky Wipes, Beautiful 6 month old dress stuffed with tissue paper (paper can be substituted with baby bibs, diapers, etc..... for $5 - $15 extra dollars).Topping it off is pink streamers lovingly held on the handle by an adorable assortment of bows for one's little girl to be.