Ella modeling one of the auction's head-bands

Monday, May 21, 2012

Successful Silent Auction ~ 2012

Very glad and thankful that this past silent auction went well. We made a total of $219. We still have A LOT of items for sale and any of them can be bought on my Facebook page. The above items are available for sale, along with many others. Some have been reduced in price. First come first serve.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Silent On-Line Auction is Going on Right NOW!

Hot Pink and Black Rock and Roll Tutu and
Hot Pink Head-Band by Gifts ~n~ Giggles

Little Microcephaly Monkey made for us by Chubby Ninja Crafts.

Hello Kitty Basket made by me ~ Heather's Heart-Made Gifts!

With a decent start, the Silent On-Line Auction was put up yesterday by 10 am. 11 items out of 46 items have bids on them and a beautifully made head-band and tutu set by Gifts ~n~ Giggles (Ms. Cindy) is currently in a bidding war! NICE! Hopefully ALL of the items will receive at least one bid.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New for 2012: Molly the Micro. Monkey and Upcoming Fundraisers (UPDATED)

 ~~~~~~~~Molly the Monkey~~~~

Molly the Microcephaly Monkey will begin her tour of homes that are effected by Microcephaly. Ella had some quality time with Molly. Each family will journal about their visit with Molly and put it on a Facebook that I will be creating as soon as possible. Pictures will be added on there and here and eventually a book will be created to chronicle her journey. I also plan on creating Molly the Microcephaly Monkey Awareness cards that can be given out to family and friends of the families that participate so we can spread awareness about Molly and her travels!

Right now I am taking a little break from raising funds for Microcephaly Awareness and helping March of Dimes mail out donation cards in my neighborhood and to my family and friends. See the left side of this blog for a link!

In February, I will return to Microcephaly fundraising. The fundraiser will be a Scentsy fundraiser: anytime anyone buys a Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy from "Mollie's Microcephaly Fundraiser" from February 1st until September 15th, 50% (which is ALL of my consultant's profits. Thanks to Adrienne) will be donated to Molly's travels AND the Foundation of Children with Microcephaly. Look for the fundraiser invite on Molly's Monkey House: You can have your own Mollie for cuddles and don't forget to pick your scent pak to make your room smell wonderful and Mollie, too! She has a special little zipper in the back, so you can unzip and put in the scent pak.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lessons Learned

So, I have learned some things in the course of my fundraising extravaganza! DO NOT fund-raise TOOO much around the Holidays. Everyone else is selling their wares, having deals, etc. And I can't compete with Black Friday sales at the retail stores. So, that lesson learned. Also, tooo many fundraising events is toooo much for friends and families. They don't want to say no, but they can't keep participating. So, spreading out my fundraising events would be more practical for us all! I think I will do one in March, one in June, one in September, and one in late November. So, once every three months (idea given to me by my wonderful friend and cleaning lady, Melissa - thank you!).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Successful National Microcephaly Awareness Day!!! 2011 ROCKED

I want to thank our supporters this year.
Check out the link above. It is the invite I did for the NMADay this year and we reached over 2,600 people on FB. Very excited! So, far my Fundraising is going well. I had an on-line Silpada (Sterling Silver) Jewelry party for a couple of weeks. The profits ended up being $168. That total was sent to the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly by my wonderful friend and consultant, Cathy! She donated alllll of her profits to our cause.

Currently, I am having a Scentsy (wickless candles) on-line party and hope do to as well if not better than my other party.

Look for the Tastefully Simple party that will start at the end of the month of October.

Those that showed their support also did so by wearing yellow. See some pretty yellow pics below:

On that day, I also had a personal party to honor the Microcephaly angels and Ella and her on-line Micro. friends, who live everyday with the challenges of Microcephaly. Below are some pics of my family and friends' celebration:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

National Microcephaly Awareness Day is Around the Corner!

Once again this year, Heather's Heart-Made Gifts is spreading awareness and raising funds for the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly for the up and coming National Microcephaly Awareness Day! September 30th, 2011 is the day to remember the lives that have ended in some way due to Microcephaly and to honor those that live with it everyday! My daughter, Ella Hope is one who is living despite Microcephaly. On this day me and many others are wearing yellow to remember and honor. Please join us in doing so.

Heather's Heart-Made Gifts will donate 10% of proceeds from any baskets, cards or scrap-books created or made for you from September 1st through the 30th. Also, Heather's Heart-Made Gifts will be making a temporary necklace line for the month of September. Get yours soon. More information to come on this necklace. Look for a picture and what else you can get with it. The necklace will be $5. It will most likely have a pendant in the shape of a yellow ribbon and yellow beads. This will be the perfect necklace to add to your yellow ensemble for NMA Day!


~This Summer ~

With two events that didn't accrue as much money for the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly as I had hoped, I have made a decision to mainly just make this an order only business. I have some samples in stock, but if you want cards or baskets, please order. A new kind of basket that I am now doing is a wine basket. I made some up for a benefit Heather's Heart -Made Gifts and may other local companies, vendors and some national chain stores sponsored for Maddie Smith (baby girl of my friend Beth, who had cancer). I made them up with the help of the ladies from Wine Night in Harford County, who donated wine and other items. The baskets were donated to the Silent Auction that we had at the actual event at Mountain Branch Golf Course. See the flyer to the right and the basket below.

~I Not Only Will Creaet Baskets for You; I Will Create a Custom Scrap-book for You! ~
A new development is that I will also make your scrap-book for you! I love scrap-booking and would be happy to create a wonderful memory book for you. Pricing will depend on how big the book is and how many picture and embellishments you want. If I have to develop the pictures and purchase the book and embellishments, a large book will cost $75, including the time it takes for me to put it together. Without developing (you provide me with already developed pictures) a large book will cost approximately $45 - 50. If you already have the supplies and pictures you can save A LOT of money. I will charge $5 an hour. On average it takes me around 4 hours to create a nice scrap-book, so the cost to you will only be $20 +. Other options are available upon request.