Ella modeling one of the auction's head-bands

Monday, May 21, 2012

Successful Silent Auction ~ 2012

Very glad and thankful that this past silent auction went well. We made a total of $219. We still have A LOT of items for sale and any of them can be bought on my Facebook page. The above items are available for sale, along with many others. Some have been reduced in price. First come first serve.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Silent On-Line Auction is Going on Right NOW!

Hot Pink and Black Rock and Roll Tutu and
Hot Pink Head-Band by Gifts ~n~ Giggles

Little Microcephaly Monkey made for us by Chubby Ninja Crafts.

Hello Kitty Basket made by me ~ Heather's Heart-Made Gifts!

With a decent start, the Silent On-Line Auction was put up yesterday by 10 am. 11 items out of 46 items have bids on them and a beautifully made head-band and tutu set by Gifts ~n~ Giggles (Ms. Cindy) is currently in a bidding war! NICE! Hopefully ALL of the items will receive at least one bid.