Ella modeling one of the auction's head-bands

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New for 2012: Molly the Micro. Monkey and Upcoming Fundraisers (UPDATED)

 ~~~~~~~~Molly the Monkey~~~~

Molly the Microcephaly Monkey will begin her tour of homes that are effected by Microcephaly. Ella had some quality time with Molly. Each family will journal about their visit with Molly and put it on a Facebook that I will be creating as soon as possible. Pictures will be added on there and here and eventually a book will be created to chronicle her journey. I also plan on creating Molly the Microcephaly Monkey Awareness cards that can be given out to family and friends of the families that participate so we can spread awareness about Molly and her travels!

Right now I am taking a little break from raising funds for Microcephaly Awareness and helping March of Dimes mail out donation cards in my neighborhood and to my family and friends. See the left side of this blog for a link!

In February, I will return to Microcephaly fundraising. The fundraiser will be a Scentsy fundraiser: anytime anyone buys a Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy from "Mollie's Microcephaly Fundraiser" from February 1st until September 15th, 50% (which is ALL of my consultant's profits. Thanks to Adrienne) will be donated to Molly's travels AND the Foundation of Children with Microcephaly. Look for the fundraiser invite on Molly's Monkey House: You can have your own Mollie for cuddles and don't forget to pick your scent pak to make your room smell wonderful and Mollie, too! She has a special little zipper in the back, so you can unzip and put in the scent pak.